Supa-Trac Used At Sydney Olympic Park

With all of the summer and spring festivals approaching, a concern of event organisers is how best to set up the venues. One of the first things that comes to mind is how to create a suitable atmosphere that would make people feel comfortable.

The best events are run with the help of a professional team to take care of all the planning. Then, the city or town council has to provide its approval and, afterwards, the organisers will consider things like setting up the stage and the spectators’ seats.

Supa-Trac Ground Protection MattingWherever the location of the event is, it’s extremely important to protect the ground, especially if it’s covered with grass or sand. The easiest way to do that is by purchasing the Supa-Trac flooring solution provided by Smart Track. It is the ideal choice to protect the ground in areas with heavy foot traffic areas. Any event that expects large crowds needs such a solution.

Protection During Large Events

The recent Soundwave Festival at Sydney Olympic Park used a great flooring alternative to protect the grounds within the stadium. Supa-Trac was the perfect solution to successfully sustain an event with such a high attendance.

Supa-Trac is created to protect from damage any type of ground it is laid on. It is ingenious in design, as the panels that form it have an open bottom and 100 aeration slots per square foot – allowing water, light, and air to penetrate them. Thus, they keep the grass alive throughout the whole period of time in which it is covered and, at the same time, they prevent it from being stepped on by pedestrians or wheelchairs.

Advantages of Supa-Trac

supa-trac-stadium-ground-protection-smart-track-australiaSupa-Trac is an ideal ground and floor covering for both indoor or outdoor events. When assembled, the panels are strong and durable due to their heavy joints that, when locked together, manage to divide the weight to all the surrounding panels. As a result, the load capacity of each panel is increased considerably.

Another advantage of Supa-Trac is the fact that it is extremely easy to install. A single person can install up to 1000 square feet per hour by simply laying a sheet next to another and then stepping onto the seam.

Being easy and fast to install, it saves time and money, as no previous experience is needed.

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