No Fuss Floor For Campground Comfort

Rollout walkways are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Their area of usage is extremely diverse, from residential homes to boardwalks near the beaches. They are really simple to use and very good looking as well.

No Fuss Floor at the Camping Show - Smart Track AustraliaAs for the installation process, that “process” is a word a bit too complex to describe how a rollout walkway can be installed. To be more specific, all a person has to do is buy it and roll it over sand, gravel or grass. However, when it is laid over the grass an extra amount of maintenance is required.

Smart Track provides the No Fuss Floor, a rollout walkway which can be used as a pedestrian floor and which will add a plus of charm anywhere it is positioned. One thing you have to keep in mind is that it does not sustain any vehicles and it is only suitable for pedestrians. A product that was aimed to cover sensitive areas, No Floor Fuss will protect the grass beneath it from any external environmental factors.

Since the camping season is fast approaching, No Fuss Floor is a perfect choice for those campground owners who want to take care of their grass, and also protect their visitors’ tents from all the mud that could be caused by an unexpected or very heavy rain. The grass is protected and the tents are kept clean and dry only by laying the magical roll from Smart Track.

Simplicity and Eco-Friendly

No Fuss Floor at the Markets - Smart Track AustraliaPerhaps the most attractive feature of this product is the simplicity that characterises its installation. The second attractive trait which, unfortunately, cannot be seen at first glance, is the efficiency of the material it is created from. This material protects the land or the grass underneath and it’s eco-friendly.

It’s good installation practice to level the land before laying your No Fuss Floor. Investing a little pre-holiday season work will deliver two great returns: your grass will thrive and your visitors will be grateful.

So, waste no more time and check out this impressive product from Smart Track, designed to suit the pedestrian traffic needs of your campground.