Maintaining And Repairing Football Grounds With I-Trac

Now that the football season is in full swing, an extra amount of attention is being directed towards the maintenance and sometimes even the repairing process of stadiums, lighting and grounds in general. Due to weather conditions, or simply because of old age, these golden spaces much treasured by football lovers might require attention and repairing for safety measures as well as for the comfort of their spectators.

I-Trac Stadium RoadwayBut how can you undertake major repairs without damaging the much-needed grounds? It is a difficult job, but with a bit of help from Smart Track Australia and its I-Trac product, things can be much easier than you think.

What is I-Trac?

The I-Trac system is made of panels and is designed exclusively to offer protection to the ground whenever it may be exposed to abnormally heavy machines or any type of equipment with a load of up to 30 tonnes per axis. Thus, it is considered to be a revolutionary technology which cannot be compared to any other similar products on the market.

How can I-Trac Help?

I-Trac Stadium Roadway at the MCG, Melbourne AustraliaAs a result, it successfully manages to protect the ground from any external interference, being extremely light and resistant. The assembly and the disassembly process are remarkably easy to undertake, as there is no need for a specialist’s presence. A single person is able to lay up 100 square metres in only one hour. It is fast and efficient, as the panels allow the creation of any surface shapes or access roads, ensuring a stable and compact surface.

I-Trac is immune to almost all chemicals and provides a high level of electrical insulation. Each of the panels has about 8 attachment points which are aimed to allow a user insert accessories wherever they’re needed. Also, each panel covers an area of approximately 0.8 m2 and weighs about 15 kg.

Being such a flexible and efficient system, it has a wide range of applications, such as constructions, and it has quickly become a basic element for heavy load machines like trucks, lifts or cranes.

I-Trac Etihad Stadium Kiss Concert - Smart Track AustraliaThe resistance to a multitude of chemicals makes it environmental-friendly. Therefore, it can be used on a variety of ground types. Whether they are soft, covered with grass, sand or maladjusted, this system will always fit the area of its placement.

With an increasing popularity on the market, more and more industries are becoming aware of this system’s importance, usability and the advantages it can provide for businesses.

For any questions or inquiries our Smart Track team welcome your email at or call on 03 9212 2555 to discuss how we can help.