Hexapro Helping To Keep Construction Workers Safe On Site

Everyone is aware of the importance of safety in a work place, especially when workers are directly exposed to potential accidents.

Construction sites, while they represent the birthplace of a new building, also present risks for the workers involved – from labourers to engineers, inspectors, and even bystanders. It goes without saying that in order to prevent an accident, site managers should always take safety measures to protect these stakeholders, as well as their machinery and equipment.

Working surface for fork lifts

Hexapro temporary flooringForklifts are often used for moving materials from one place to another, on construction sites, and can help a worker lift, remove or lower objects of different sizes.

There is a great variety of forklifts on the market and each can be subject to the potential for accidents. For instance, a sit-down high-lift rider truck which is counterbalanced also has more chances of being involved in an accident than a motorised hand truck, simply because the first one can lift a weight much higher than the second.

Providing a safe, level and stable working surface, like our Hexapro flooring, for forklifts will greatly reduce the likelihood of accidents and injury.

A ground cover for a variety of applications

When building a temporary structure, such as a warehouse, a hangar used for storing an aircraft, or storage tents, a key consideration is choosing the proper ground cover system. An ideal ground cover has the ability to maintain the safety of workers and to provide, at the same time, stability for all the equipment that is stored inside the area.

In these situations too, Smart Track’s Hexapro, is an excellent flooring solution which provides a stable surface and working area for workers, for their equipment, and all the other vehicles. Also, it succeeds in protecting any grass beneath it, so that when the work at the site is completed, the ground will look as fresh as when the project commenced.

What Is Hexapro?

Hexapro is an engineering product which originates from Germany and has been used for many years as temporary road and hardstand. Its special surface and the flexible tile system it encompasses allow specialised workers to use it in a wide range of applications. Event flooring, temporary parking lots, a pedestrian pathway or a construction site roadway are just a few of the uses this product can provide to site managers.

Hexapro temporary road and hardstandIt has a special tile surface and a flexible system that allows it to be assembled or disassembled in no time. As for the materials used in creating this revolutionary and safe flooring solution, it is worth mentioning that a panel weighs approximately 2.9 kg and has a surface of 0.25 square metres.

Hexapro is extremely strong and can resist to a maximum of 5 tonnes of wheel pressure on gravel, and it can also support a maximum amount of 3.5 tonnes of wheel pressure on soil.

The materials have been designed to endure temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius, but as well, it withstands very low temperatures.

Hexapro is very long lived; it doesn’t rot, resists UV radiation and all weather elements – be it rain, wind or snow.

Having a stable and smooth surface that can contribute to ensuring the safety of workers to a construction site, a warehouse, or any other type of construction work or temporary structure. For this, Hexapro flooring is the best solution, as it has an anti-slip surface created according to the ADA regulations.

Extremely easy to use, it can also be installed by a person without any previous experience in performing such an activity. Every section covers about one square meter and it also provides a working platform.

How Hexapro Can Help

This flooring solution provided by Smart Track has been previously used not only for construction sites, but also for TV and movie shoots and a great variety of other applications.

To find out more about how Smart Track can help provide effective solutions to create safe working surfaces for you project, we welcome your email or phone call on 03 9212 2555.