Q: What weight will this product take?
A: I-Trac is rated to 200 tonnes.

Q: Will I-Trac take constant traffic?
A: Yes treat I-Trac as you would a concrete slab or bitumen road.

Q: Is I-Trac slippery?
A: No, I-Trac has a pedestrian side and a machinery side both designed to suit the application.



Supa-TracQ: Can I drive a forklift on Supa-Trac?
A: Yes but it must have pneumatic tyres.

Q: Can I use Supa-Trac in a moshpit?
A: Yes treat Supa-Trac is very well suited to this application, and will leave the grass in better condition than any other product on the market.

Q: How long does it take to lay Supa-Trac?
A: Supa-Trac is very quick at about 1000m2 per hour dependant on the area.



HexaproQ: Is Hexapro suitable for use on undulating ground?
A: Yes Hexapro will contour to the under lying surface.

Q: What is the main use for Hexapro?
A: Loading platforms and roadways.

Q: Can I lay Hexapro straight on the ground or do I need surface preparation?
A: Surface preparation is not required, however it is best to down a layer of Geotextile material first.



Supa-MatsQ: What is the main use for Supamats?
A: Think of Supamats as a sheet of heavy duty ply that wont rot or splinter, or a light steel sheet that wont rust or warp, and is light enough to move by hand. Supamats can be used whenever you have to get trucks or machines on to soft ground or making a mess is unacceptable.

Q: How heavy are Supamats?
A: Supamats weigh in at 33kgs each, and are rated at 80 tonnes +.

Q: Are Supamats easy to use?
A: Supamats take no skill or training to utilise, there is no wrong way to lay Supamats.



PlastoripQ: Will PlastoRip protect my grass?
A: Yes PlastoRip is an excellent grass protection system, however the grass must be short and the surface fairly flat and level.

Q: Can I drive vehicles on PlastoRip?
A: Yes however you would need to watch the speed and turning circles.

Q: What is the main feature of PlastoRip?
A: PlastoRip provides an extremely attractive presentation. PlastRip is comfortable to stand or walk on.


No Fuss Floor

No Fuss FloorQ: Is No Fuss Floor a pedestrian product?
A: Yes the floor will not work with machinery.

Q: How long does it take to lay No Fuss Floor?
A: No Fuss Floor is extremely fast to lay, a total stadium can be done in one day.

Q: Will No Fuss Floor protect my grass?
A: Yes No Fuss Floor is the best of all the roll out floors, it has more light and air slots to allow the turf to breath while at the same time providing enhanced protection.