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Predominantly a heavy duty pedestrian product, the finished size is unlimited and the sections can be joined in either direction. Supa-Trac can also be used for car parks and for light vehicles with pneumatic tyres, protecting turf and creating hardstand areas and for light duty roads. This product is ideal for use in temporary villages or wherever pedestrian or vehicle access is required on a short term basis, without environmental damage.


A very heavy duty product that can be used over basically any surface, the size, length and width of the application are unlimited, as the sections can join together to form one large mass. I-Trac will provide a slip resistant surface within minutes. Although incredibly strong, it is very easy to lay, with each component weighing only 15kgs. This product can be used wherever a roadway, drilling platform, loading area or compound needs to be installed. I-Trac is the solution to construction, exploration, military and any land access problem area.


This floor is a high presentation floor with a great deal of appeal. It is a great turf protection but needs to be laid on even ground, or a hard level surface. This floor is used in exhibitions, building openings, award ceremonies and wherever a first class presentation is required.

No Fuss Floor

A roll out pedestrian floor that will contour to any surface, each section is quite small but can be assembled to an unlimited size. This floor is only suitable for pedestrians. No fuss floor has been used around site accommodation, as a short term footpath, or to cover environmentally sensitive areas. This product will not kill the grass under the floor, is extremely easy to use and can be utilised many times.


A German engineered product that has been used as temporary roads and a hardstand for many years. Each section covers approximately quarter of a square meter, this product requires very little skill to install, and will provide a medium duty platform or roadway that will contour to the underlying surface. This product has been used in telecom tower construction, film, television location shoots and temporary warehousing.


This 2.4 x 1.2m mat is used when rapid access is required for all types of machinery; each individual mat weighs in at 33kgs and is a virtually indestructible product that is also incredibly user friendly. Each mat is simply laid under the proposed track and then removed when the project is complete. Supamats allow for a cost effective roadway that allows for speed and efficient applications.
This product is currently widely used in construction, and exploration.